Weddings & Special Events

Where can I go?

There are many picturesque spaces available to be accessed by the community, which could provide the location for your next community event or special occasion.

Blue Lake Sports Park
Blue Lake surrounds
Cave Garden
Elizabeth Knight Reserve (Laundry Building)
Frew Park
Hastings Cunningham Reserve
Leg of Mutton Lake
Marist Park
Railway Lands
Umpherston Sinkhole gardens (upper and lower level)
Valley Lake (including Brownes Lake)
Vansittart Park gardens (including rotunda)
Vansittart Park Oval

Do I need a permit from Council?

A permit is required for:

  • publically promoted events (outside family, friends or colleagues)
  • wedding ceremonies
  • gatherings that cannot be easily moved if your preferred space is being used for another purpose or by another group
  • gatherings which may have the capacity to impact on other users
  • events involving commercial activity
  • events involving alcohol being served or sold
  • setting up of infrastructure (i.e. marquee/gazebo)
  • involvement of third party activities (i.e. mobile food van or jumping castle)

To apply, please complete one of the below forms:

Special Events Permit(107 kb)
Wedding Ceremony Permit Application(68 kb)

Council continues to provide an Events Sponsorship Program to support local community events. A value of up to $2,000 can be applied for events that support Council’s Community Plan. Major and significant events that support the Community Plan as well as attract a substantial economic benefit and tourism to the City can apply for funding over the value of $2,000.

Further details and application guidelines can be found at the below link:
Event Sponsorship Program

Will I have exclusive access to the area?

Permits issued for weddings and special events allow Council to monitor activity at community spaces, however any authorisation does not grant exclusive use to the area and Council or the applicant cannot restrict the public in any way.  Major events, on occasion, will have restrictions in place such as road closures or licensed areas allowing limited access.

It is recommended to check Council’s ‘What’s On’ calendar at the below link to be aware of any community and major events occurring within the City.

What's On Calendar

Are there any fees?

Private events generally do not incur a fee however a bond may be charged.  Public events of a commercial nature will generally incur an application fee of $150 and a bond may also be charged.

You will be advised of any fees to be paid upon lodgement of a permit application.

Please note:  The release of items and/or materials that can pollute the environment and harm wildlife are banned at Council events and on Council managed reserves. These may include items such as helium filled balloons, sky lanterns etc.

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