Please Join Me Initiative

Please Join Me Initiative

Former City of Mount Gambier Councillor Pat Lane has created a pocket card initiative to encourage friendly conversation throughout the community.

The small pocket card features the phrase: “please join me” and is designed to be placed on the table in front of someone in a café to let others know that they can join that person for a chat.

Mr Lane said the idea came about when he and his late wife were on holiday in Broken Hill and they weren’t sure who they could talk to about what they could do while visiting the town.

“People are forgetting how to communicate these days, you go out and see people staring their laptops or phones, so hopefully this will bring people together to start conversations,” said Mr Lane.

More than 13 local businesses have embraced the idea.

City of Mount Gambier Community Events Team leader Denise Richardson assisted Mr Lane with the initiative, which is supported by the City of Mount Gambier.

Download the pocket card here(573 kb)

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